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What is the best game you've played? Did you ever wonder how these awesome games are made? Well, here we are going to explain to you that. 

how games are made - technoob technology

Game Development is a long process which is done step by step. You might be thinking that programmers are the people who develop these awesome games. Actually, that's not the truth. There are hundreds of people behind a successful game, who have different expertise in various fields.

how games are made - technoob technology

The most important thing about a game is the idea. You might have noticed that games with different gameplays than regular games have more attraction and user engagement. There are hundreds of multiplayer shooting games, but think what PUBG did. It has a different approach than regular shoot and kills games. Its basic rule is to survive instead of killing and following objectives. Same happened with the flappy bird which made $50000 per day according to the Wikipedia

Then the game designers come in to play. Their task is to design the gameplay. This is one of the most important steps as changing the game design in the middle of the development process would lead to severe problems. Most of the game designers are people with great artistic minds who can think and create a game within their minds. However, when the game designers finish up their work they hand over a document which is called as Game Design Document (GDD) to the next team.

how games are made - technoob technology

Now it's time for the graphic designers and 3D designers come into play. They design everything according to the GDD. This process takes a lot of time. Some designers visit real landscapes they wish to add in their games. 3D designers design all the 3D models while the 2D artists design the User Interface and other related things. What about the music? Yes, big game companies have their own music artists. They produce the sound clips for the game. Have you ever seen the dota2 main theme recording? well, you should watch it.

 And now it's time for the programmers to show their colors. Game companies have their own coding patterns to develop their games. Some Game Companies have their own game engines for their games. Programmers use various programming languages according to their preferred game engines and C++ and C# are the most used programming languages which are used in game development. There free game engines like Unreal Engine and Unity Engine which are powerful enough to develop any kind of game. 

how games are made - technoob technology

Are you willing to become a Game Dev? Read this first.

Now the game is almost complete, but the developers spend their time on playtesting to find bugs, do additional optimizations and to make sure that the gameplay is awesome. When this process is complete the game is ready to publish and the companies spend their money on promotion and marketing.

The actual development process of a game might be slightly different than this, as these processes can be done simultaneously. For multiplayer games, programmers have to configure the servers and networking system in addition. 

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