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Developing games is a really enjoyable task. Doesn't matter whether its 2D or 3D. It always has joy in it while working. With the development of technology, developing games has become easier than it was. You can add some colliders, artworks,  scripts and woah, you get a working game. Sounds cool right? But there are some things you have to consider and learn before starting game development.

Technoob Game Development

Well, maybe you are a gamer who has played lots of games, or maybe you are someone who has started learning programming, or maybe someone who is an expert in programming but new to game development. This Article is targeted for each and everyone who is new to game development and who is willing to get to know how to begin their game developer life.

So, the very first step every game developer has to do is to choose the game engine they gonna use. You'll find this really hard if you have already watched videos or have seen the features of the top game engines used by developers which are built using the latest technologies. Some developers tend to choose a game engine which uses their preferred programming language. But our opinion is if you are well experienced in programming, then learning a new language won't cost you a lot of time. And even it will add some more worth to your CV right? So try to choose a game engine which suits your need and which seems like easy to use, and its all up to you. 

Technoob Game Development

What about the new programmers and others who have no idea what programming is, well, watch some video tutorials of some game engines and choose a game engine which attracts your mind. This will look crazy, but its the truth. There would be nothing worse than using a game engine which drives you crazy. 

Okay. So now we have given some opinions on how to choose a game engine. But what are the best game engines trending among game developers? Well, as you know there are several game engines which vary from different features. Let's talk about one by one.

01) Unreal engine

Technoob Game Development

         Well, you might already have heard about it. Yes, this is one of the best game engines used to develop games with excellent graphics. The unreal engine uses C++ as their core programming language and for newbies, they have a good news for you. They have a programming system called blueprints. Its actually like a blueprint. You can connect them one by one and make a working game only using them. Sounds cool right? yeah, this allows 3D designers and other people who are not interested in coding to make live 3D environments. 

         You can Unreal Engine from Download Unreal Engine  Unreal engine is free to use until you make 3000 Dollars per quarter. After that, you have to pay 5% of your gross revenue to Epic games.  Spec Ops: The Line, Gears of War 3, Batman Arkham City, Mass Effect, PUBG are some top trending games developed using Unreal Engine.

02)Unity Engine

Technoob Game Development

       Unity Engine is well known for their easy to use user interface. But all the other features are powerful enough to develop games with high graphics quality.  Unity offers users to develop their games using C# or Unityscript which is like javascript. We recommend you to use C# as it allows you to access the real power of unity. Unity has announced to release a programming-free blueprint system like the one in the unreal engine in 2019. Unity engine is very effective in developing amazing 2D games when compared to other game engines. Well, what about 3D games.  You have to watch some videos to understand how powerful unity engine is. Even unity offers a simple 3D modeling software inside unity. 

       You can download unity from Download Unity Engine  If you earn less than 10000 Dollars per year then you are totally free to use unity. Else you have to buy a Unity subscription. Unity is well popular because of their asset store. Anyone can download any asset from the unity asset store and include those assets in their games. (Some assets are free and some are paid). Unity supports each and every latest technology including AR and VR.


Technoob Game Development

        Well here comes the game engine which is popular for developing vast open world terrains. It offers you some powerful features to develop big open world games. But you might find that its user-interface is not much easy to use as above two engines. However, CryEngine is also one of the most powerful game engines in the world. 

         CryEngine also uses C++ as their programming language. Download CryEngine CryEngine is free to use until you make 5000 Dollars per year and after that, you have to pay 5% of your gross revenue to them. Have you ever played Crysis? Sniper Ghost Warrior? Those amazing games are developed using CryEngine. So you can imagine how powerful this engine is. 

Okay, now we have discussed how to choose a game engine and what are the top features of top game engines. The next thing we have to consider is What kind of games you gonna develop. Well, this is all up to you. The game engine should match your needs and should be able to fulfill your requirements. 

This is all that we can tell you, everything else depends on you. When you keep trying a game engine for a couple of weeks you'll learn it at least to develop a simple character controller. Good luck with your Games!