Will the iPhone XR be more popular than the Xs and Xs Max? - Technoob Technology

Recently Apple, father of mobile technology introduced the new members of the Apple family. The long-awaited iPhone Xs, XR, and the iPhone Xs Max along with the Apple Watch Series 4 which is armed with a rather powerful electrocardiogram and which has unique capabilities such as detecting atrial fibrillation.

Although the new iPhone X will not be as flashy as its brethren, it surely is going to attract much more attention than the iPhone Xs and Xs Max. Using the same form factor form the previous iPhone X; hello notch, the iPhone Xr exceeds the screen size of the iPhone X with a 6.1-inch diagonal. With the iPhone Xs max offering a whopping 6.5-inch display and the Xs giving a 5.8-inch display, these products are designed for users to get comfy with what they decide to do with them.

Now the iPhone may come at a cheaper price ($749) than the iPhone Xs ($999) so the size of the phones are not the only differences that come with it. For instance, while the Xs and the Xs Max are made with OLED displays, the XR has decided to stick with LCD with 326 pixels per inch. Also with features such as True Tone, tap-to-wake, Wide color gamut, Portrait Mode and a rather powerful Breakthrough camera system the iPhone X is built with only one camera but will include the 12-megapixel sensor which the top model iPhones have. 

The Xr also has the feature to adjust the depth of field after pictures are taken. Also, the Face ID system is supported as well in the Xr.

The iPhone X comes with the A12 Bionic chip and is made of 7000 series aerospace grade aluminum. Although the iPhone Xs and Xs Max have the option for 512GB space, the iPhone Xr will not have that option to go for. It will rather consist of 64GB, 128GB or 256GB storage space and will be available in the colors of yellow, black, white, coral, red and blue. The iPhone Sr is said to be released on the October 19 worldwide for you to purchase.

The iPhone X is overall a powerful, beautiful and most of all quite an affordable product and will be worth the price. It will make quite an impression than its brethren, the iPhone Xs and Xs Max. The iPhone X will draw more attention than it expected so the supply is bound to be limited as the media has suggested.

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