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Is your computer restarting?

This happens to every computer user at least ones in their life, no matter which technology is used in your computer.  Here we gonna show you how to solve that problem. Sometimes restarting occurs to save your computer from overheating, or maybe in an electricity leak inside the motherboard.  And sometimes this happens when it really needs your care.

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Common reasons cause to restart the computer-

01. Overheating

02. Loosen RAM cards

03. Problems in bios settings

04. File crashes in system files

05. Malware issues

06. Power issues


There are several reasons for overheating.  Cooling fans not working properly is the main reason which causes for this. You can simply fix this by checking the power supplies of cooling fans and if the power supplies are okay, then simply remove the cooling fan and attach a new one. 

Dust in heat sinks also causes for overheating. Take a brush and gently clean the heat sinks and the problem will be solved. Don't forget to apply thermal paste to make sure the heat spreads correctly. Refer our guide on how to clean computer for more details. 

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Loosen RAM cards

This problem is very common and all you have to do is to make sure the RAM cards are correctly placed in the RAM slots. Sometimes this occurs when there is dust inside the RAM slots. 

You can clean the slots using a brush and clean the pins of the RAM card using an eraser. Make sure to do this gently or else you will end up with a broken RAM card.

Problems in BIOS settings

This happens rarely when compared to the above problems. Problems in the network, and installation while updating bios causes for this. Sometimes power issues also cause this. 

enter the boot menu while the computer is starting and from there you can reset the bios settings. You can also do this by removing the bios battery which is located on the motherboard.

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File crashes in system files

This occurs when you accidentally delete any system related file. Sometimes this happens by virus attacks and sometimes power failures also cause for this. 

You can reinstall the operating system or you can use a backup drive to restore windows. Make sure to not to delete any files in the system folder in the hard disk.

Malware issues

Malware issues are very common among people. How malware causes the pc to restart is they delete necessary files for windows startup sometimes they block running operating system files. 

You can scan your pc from another computer which has a good antivirus programme. Keep installed an antivirus programme to prevent your pc from getting attacked by malware.

malware issues technoob technology

Power issues

Low power or dim power, This is a problem in the electricity supply and there's nothing you can do. Wait till the power supply gets normal, else you will damage your computer by running it in a low power situation. 

Losing the power while the computer is operating causes to damage the files and sometimes it damages the hard disk too. You can avoid this by using a UPS.

As mentioned above always use your computer carefully, and it needs your attention to give you the best performance without restarting suddenly. Avoiding these things will solve the problem.

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