NVIDIA's RTX cards will be 6x more powerful than previous cards! - Technoob Technology

The next biggest step towards Graphics Card evolution has been taken by NVIDIA. From NVIDIA Turing™ to Real-Time Ray Tracing, the new RTX 2070, 2080 and 2080Ti comes packed with a whole bunch of new and exciting features for its users to indulge their time in. Keep on reading to know what they are, their prices and release dates!

 The RTX cards have been created to give the PC enthusiasts a unique type of experience by the power of NVIDIA Turing™ GPU architecture to give the users something they've never experienced before. It is meant to give the users up to 6X the performance of older graphics cards. It also brings out the power of real-time ray tracing and enhanced Artificial Intelligence to games.

These cards also come with the latest features of Geforce Experience to help its users capture and share video clips, screenshots and to build a simple yet effective livestream for streamers. Users also get Game Ready Drivers to help them to get the highest level of performance and a smooth experience as soon as they start playing their favourite games. Also which comes equipped with these cards is the NVIDIA SHADOWPLAY™ programme which helps users record and share gameplay videos and screenshots in high-quality with the world. With NVIDIA G-SYNC™ and HDR, users get to experience tear-free and smooth gameplay at refresh rates up to 240 Hz with HDR and more! Powered by DIRECTX 12, this will be the go-to equipment for enthusiast gamers.

In the combination of advanced VR rendering, Artificial Intelligence and real-time ray tracing,  these cards will take the VR experience to a Whole new level of realism. This combined with 4K experience will give its users incredibly amazing detail in today's biggest games!

The RTX cards are as expected, is going to be pricey. The RTX 2070 will be sold for $499 and the RTX 2080 will cost $699 while the RTX 2080 Ti will go for $999.

The RTX 2080 (Founders Edition) will cost $799 which is ready from pre-order now in the NVIDIA website. The RTX 2080 Ti (Founders Edition) will be $1199 and the RTX 2070 (Founders Edition) will cost $599.

Popular brands like EVGA, Asus and MSI are already offering pre-order for these cards in their websites. The cards are said to be released on the 20th of September worldwide.