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Is your phone slow? This is a normal thing which happens to everyone by time when you use your phone for years. Doesn't matter which technology is used to build the hardware. There are several reasons causes your phone to slow down. The main reason is your phone's storage gets fragmented. No idea about this? No problem. We will explain it. 

Fragment means spaces between memory modules. Let's imagine you installed some apps called A, B and C. Then you uninstall B. Then there is a empty space in the memory. When you install a new app larger than B,let's call it D, the app first installs in the empty space of B and then the rest of the app is installed after C. When you run app D, your phone has to run the app from two different parts of your phone's memory. From here let's talk about how to avoid fragment and how to speed up your phone.

01.The easiest thing you can do when your phone is slow is giving it a quick restart.

A restart removes all the fragments inside the RAM and rearrange the system and app data. This will surely improve the speed of your phone. But the sad thing is again with the usage data gets fragmented again. So we have to think on something lasts long.

02.Uninstalling unnecessary apps

When we look into others phones, we can see they have installed so many unnecessary apps. These apps sucks your phone's RAM and even processing speed. So think twice before installing an  app as it even causes to fragments. 

03.Use a defraggler 

You can use a defraggler tool to defrag phone's storage. This will give your phone a boost shot for sure. But if your phone is too slow, don't apply this step. 

04.Disable the power saving mode.

Power saving mode limits your phone's processor speeds to reduce battery usage. Turning off this feature will increase phone speed.

Apply these simple steps and your phone will start working as it was. 

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