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With the development of technology, Computer has become a part of our life. Every person needs a computer at least once within a week. So choosing the best computer which matches you something which is very considerable. Sometimes maybe even you don't have any idea about how to choose the best computer.


Here we are to help you. 

               01. Here we gonna cover 
               02. How to choose the computer type
               03. Which computer parts should I focus on
               04. Price variations

The most important thing when buying a computer is to choose whether a laptop or a desktop computer. Well, there are so many differences compared between laptop and desktop. The main thing we can see on a laptop is handy, portable and easy to use. Apart from these reasons, there are some cons. Laptop if not suitable for hard and rough work. If you are a gamer or a very skilled graphic designer or a video editor, then the laptop is not the thing which matches you. Gaming laptops are fine but they are high priced and for that price, you can build a desktop computer which is twice powerful than that laptop.


When talking about normal laptops(excluding gaming laps) they have mostly a single cooling fan and well-compressed hardware. This causes to produce more heat when using the laptop for a hard work, and this causes to reduce its lifespan.
As you can see you have to think twice before choosing whether it is a laptop or a desktop.

Considerable things about hardware,

Well. Even there you have to consider so many things, doesn't matter you gonna buy a laptop or a desktop. The processor, RAM, storage types, VGA are some of them. Let's talk one by one.


      The processor is the central brain of your computer and all the other computer parts should be based on your processor type as a gtx 1050 VGA doesn't match for a dual-core processor.  As everyone knows Intel is the world's famous processor company. Even I prefer using Intel processors personally. 
       Todays most used processor types are intel core i3 and Core i5 processors. Even quad-core processors are still used and effective. But if you gonna use your computer to a hard work then I suggest you choose i3 or i5 processor. Within the end of the year, 2018 9th generation of these processors would be available.

core i5-technoob-technology


          RAM which is known as Random Access Memory is very an essential part for every task you do by your computer. RAM cards are available in 1 GB, 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, 16GB and with even more memory capacities. 
         There are several things to think about when buying a RAM. DDR version indicates the technology of the RAM. A higher DDR level means a higher technology. If it is a desktop the motherboard should support the DDR version. And the speed which is measured by Hertz is also an important thing to consider.


Storage types:

      Main storage type in computers is hard disks. With the technology now there is another storage type called SSD,(Solid State Drives) which is much faster than hard disks in reading and writing data. But the only problem is they are high priced. But if the price doesn't matter, I suggest you choose an SSD for your computer. 
         Even laptops are now available with SSD s and some have both Hard Disk and SSD.



         Video Graphic Accelorater is what handles the video output of your computer. Having a VGA with latest drivers and high memory allows you to do any kind of graphics related task on your pc.  
          VGA cards are mainly available on two most popular driver brands called nVidea and Radeon. Both are super quality and suitable for any kind of work. Rember to choose which matches the most for the kind of work you do.


Which computer parts should I focus on

If you are a person who use your computer to write some emails and do some simple tasks, then a normal pc would be enough. But for a graphic designer or a video editor, then the most considerable thing is the RAM and VGA. Even the processor should be considered but normally for a good VGA and a RAM you need a processor above core i3. For a gamer, VGA is the most loved computer part in their life. But a good RAM size and a processor is also important.

Price variations


Price varies between brands and device capacities. Popular brands always tag their products at high prices, but for that price, they offer very attractive warranties and many more features. If you going to buy a computer, I suggest to buy all the parts from a computer part shop and assemble them by yourselves or by a technician. This reduces the brand cost. 

These are the main factors you should think about when buying a computer. Hope this article was helpful and don't forget to share using our social media buttons.

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