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Samsung’s Most Exciting Phone in years

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    Credit :  Ice universe @UniverseIce

The Samsung Galaxy S10 has the potential to be the most exciting phone of 2019, but only if the company makes some changes.
We don’t know much about the Galaxy S10 yet, but we are starting to hear a few rumors, all of which you’ll find below.
And below that you’ll find a wish list of the main things we want - nay, need - from the phone, including an in-screen fingerprint scanner and a fresh design. 
Samsung Galaxy S10 release date and price
Reliable tipster Ice Universe believes that Samsung will announce the elusive foldable Galaxy X at CES in January, leaving MWC – where Samsung usually announces the latest Galaxy S series smartphones – free for the Galaxy S10 in February.

In terms of pricing, expect the Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus to be at the loftier end of the market. The Galaxy S9 officially starts at £739, while the S9 Plus can’t be yours for less than £839, so don’t rule out a base RRP of up to £799 for the S10 and £899 for the S10 Plus.

Galaxy S10 Specs

Prior to the recent report out of South Korea, the bulk of S10 speculation has arrived courtesy of Weibo and Twitter tipster Ice Universe, with the crystal ball gazer offering up the following by way of early insight.
  • High Performance SoC (Custom CPU,GPU,NPU)
  • 5G Baseband
  • UFS 3.0
  • LPDDR5
  • 93 +% Screen
  • M9 Series OLED Screen
  • 3D + AI

This suggests that the Galaxy S10 will be headlined by an all-new Infinity Display that touts an impressive screen-to-body ratio of 93% – up from the 83.6% found on the Galaxy S8 and S9.

It also hints – and this can almost be considered a given, in light of Samsung’s launch history – that the S10 will pack a new-gen Samsung Exynos chipset in the EMEA region, whilst coming with a Snapdragon 855 SoC in North America.

Elsewhere, the S10 is tipped to offer support out of the box for UFS 3.0 – a standard of Univeral Flash Storage (UFS) that’s twice as fast as UFS 2.0 – and 5G mobile connectivity.

There’s also a chance the Plus-sized model will come with a dual-camera on the front, with the intention of delivering greater depth of field (or bokeh) effects for selfies. The additional sensor could also be used to improve the handset’s face-recognition feature.

Multiple separate sources who spoke to The Bell have said as much, adding that Samsung will also look to ditch the iris scanning tech in the Galaxy S10 in favor of an improved 3D face scanner - much like the one found on the iPhone X.
An earlier rumor also talks about an in-screen scanner, stating that while an in-screen scanner wouldn’t be ready in time for the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, it would be ready by sometime next year, making the Samsung Galaxy S10 a candidate for one.
But Samsung might go even further and also put the speakers in the screen, as just such a display has been shown off by Samsung Display, according to OLED Info.
And the earpiece could go in the screen too, as Samsung is said to be planning a 'sound-emitting display' for use in a phone early next year, having already shown off the tech at an industry expo.
All that combined could mean a truly bezel-free look, like the one shown in the image above, though the front-facing camera will still need to be put somewhere.
And speaking of the camera, the rear one of those could change too, as an analyst reckons Samsung is considering a triple-lens one for the Samsung Galaxy S10, along with a 3D sensor for augmented reality content. 
Analyst chatter isn’t always that reliable, but it would make sense if Samsung wants to compete with the Huawei P20 Pro and the rumored triple-lens iPhone.
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The Galaxy S10’s design and pricing are the biggest remaining question marks though, and we likely still have a while to wait before those key questions are answered.