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Apple's Next iPhone

Are you an iPhone lover? Do you think that Apple is the best phone?  Yes, even we should agree on that topic. With Apple's amazing technology, iPhone has become the most loved phone among teens and adults.


After Apple's successful launch of iPhone 8, their next step is designing the iPhone 9. Actually, no one knows whether the next iPhone will be called as iPhone 9 or 8S. There’s no guarantee the next iPhone will be called the iPhone 9. There’s a good chance it won’t be. Because, with the iPhone X(called as iPhone 10) the iPhone 9 could be seen by consumers as a step backward, which is something Apple may need to avoid.

However, the technology would be much increased than the iPhone X.

The possible names for the next iPhone are,

  • iPhone 9
  • iPhone 8S
  • iPhone 2018
  • iPhone 11 

        01. Display

According to the rumours, the next iPhone's display would be a hybrid display of LED and LCD displays. Apple's interest in buying a large number of LCD displays from Japan caused to this romour.


 iPhones which released in 2018 had 3 different screen sizes. One with a 5.28-inch, one with a 5.85-inch and one with a 6.46-inch screen. The next iPhone's display size would be much similar to the iPhone 8 display size according to the rumours. The new display would allow screen bezels to be narrowed down to super-skinny.

        02. Face ID

Apple Face ID will be remained on next iPhone with new advanced technologies. Apple company had announced that they are going to upgrade the Face ID system and the new Face ID technology will come with the next iPhone.

                                                iPhone face ID

        03. 3D touch

There's a rumour that 3D touch won't be available on next iPhone, because Apple had announced the 3D touch technology causes their phones to high priced. Actually, we can't guess this, maybe the next iPhone would have a developed version of 3D touch.

        04. What camera will it have?

The camera would be a dual lens camera or something like Samsung’s new dual -aperture system which came with the S9. Some people say that it would be a triple lens camera, but according to the released reports, it won’t come with the next iPhone.

        05. Price?

The iPhone 9 is expected to cost around the same price as the iPhone 8, starting at around $720 for the basic 64GB model. Maybe it would be much cheaper than iPhone 8.

        06. Release Date?
According to the previous iPhone release dates next iPhone will be released on following dates.
  • Reveal Date will be around 5th of September to 15th of September
  • Release Date will be 20th of September

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