Selfie Maniac? Few tips to perfect the art! Technoob Guide

Everybody knows that taking selfies has become a huge trend among teens and even matures. Because of this day by day, mobile manufacturing companies tend to improve their camera qualities by applying advanced technologies. some mobile phones come with 16mp front cameras. But the thing is having the phone with the best front camera doesn't guarantee you for the best selfie.

You need a good app to control the camera and Your inner skills also count in this.

selfie taking

Lets first talk about the apps which can help you for the best selfies.  Both ios and Android users can download many free selfie apps for this and all the apps look very similar if all the filter names were same. When choosing the best, the first thing you should consider is user ratings, because many selfie maniacs have already downloaded these apps and have written about their experience.

As we have noticed the best 5 selfie apps are,


Retrica is commonly used among teens and has a vast range of filters. (more than 100 different filters)


Facetune is not available for free and you have to buy it for 4$. But it is totally worth for the money you cost.


Frontbacks special feature is you can capture from both front and rear cameras at once. This allows you to take a picture of you and what you see in a single click.

selfie taking

04.Youcam perfect

This is the best app for girls. You can remove a pimple or anything which bothers you when you take selfies, with its in-built simple but very effective touch-up tools.


This is also considered as the best selfie app and it has been popular because it is used by celebrities.

The second thing we should consider is selfie stick.

There are mainly two kinds of selfie sticks.

  • Wired selfie sticks
  • wireless selfie sticks

selfie taking

There is no any big difference between wired and wireless selfie sticks, the only thing is the wired one should be connected to the 3.5 jack of your phone and wireless one can be connected through Bluetooth.

These simple apps and tools help you to capture a good selfie, but your skill is also should be included here to make it the perfect selfie.

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