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cloud gaming

Streaming videos from services like youtube Netflix have become a normal thing among people and they are addicted to this. Then there comes to cloud gaming.

  • Cloud gaming is a very similar process like video streaming. The Main difference is you can control your game character or whatever you do in the game. There are a lot of advantages of cloud gaming and also the disadvantages should be considered. 


01)The main advantage is you don't need a high-end GPU in your computer. A normal GPU which supports running the streaming software would be enough. 

02)The second thing is security. In cloud gaming your game data, game profiles everything is stored on cloud servers and you don't need to worry about those things.

03)You can play the same game on various devices when it comes to cloud gaming. you can just log in to your account on any computer and play your game with the save files.

04)Reduced costs is another main thing users consider. You don't need to buy a better pc when the upcoming games are increasing in technology, using more GPU power. What you only need is the game in your cloud gaming account. 

05)Cloud gaming also avoids piracy. So every each player should play the original game and this will help in the development of multiplayer cloud gaming because every player has the original game.
In cloud gaming, you can access multiple games as you want. When cloud gaming comes to a developed technology. some games will be free to play. Nvidia is working very hard on developing Cloud Gaming.

cloud gaming

When it comes to disadvantages, there are many disadvantages.

01)The first thing we should consider is server stability. When lot players start using the same server, Imagine how it would be. we cant even run two or three games at once even in better GPU s. So this will be the main problem what users and the cloud game providers may suffer.

02)High data usage is also a big problem. Think about two or three videos watching in 1080p. The same thing happens here. This will suck your data bundle within hours. 

03)Security becomes a disadvantage if these servers are vulnerable to hackers. so the cloud game providers should think twice about the security of their servers.

04)Limited control will become a big problem because when it comes to cloud gaming, we won't be able to decide how the graphics should be and other things as we want. there will be only some limited changes we can do.

We hope this cloud gaming will be the next generation of the Gaming industry.

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