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Everyone can make money online. Technology allows you to sit on a chair at your home and earn while listening to a song. There are hundreds of ways you can make e-money. but only a few are effective and worthy. Everyone can do make e-money while grinding in their 9-5 jobs. 


Here we offer you the best online money making paths.

1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is simply can be explained as helping someone to grow their business. You can promote their items or business and get a percentage of their profit. For affiliate marketing, you need a good connection with people. It's better if you own a website or some social media groups or pages. Share your affiliate links on these platforms and you can earn when someone purchases something or click on those links. Amazon affiliate E-bay affiliate and dosh app affiliate are some affiliate programs you can earn well. The technology in affiliate marketing is, your link is generated through your profile and it has its own identity. 

affliate marketing

02.Posting ads on your website

This is simply known as blogging. You can create a website in your niche you are interested in (Maybe it is technology, gaming, cooking) in and post ads on that website. But here you need daily traffic to your website to earn well. So you have to work hard on ranking your website on google and other search engines. you can use propeller ads, Google Adsense, and other ad services available on the internet.

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03. E-commerce

E-commerce is simply selling goods on the internet. you can use eBay, Aliexpress and so many other websites to sell your items, or create a site yourself using sites like Shopify. you need a good dedication to stick to this as you have to manage everything on time, else it affects on your business.

04.App developing. 

If you are really good at coding, app developing and has a piece of good technical knowledge of programming languages, then this is the best option for you. build apps and you can include in-app purchases in the app and include ads in your app. You can earn so much from app developing as if the app or the game becomes a trend, the number of daily users will increase daily. 


Freelancing is something like working on your own passions. Stay at home, register on some freelancing sites and work for your customers. But you need good practice and knowledge in any field you gonna work on. Fiverr, Upwork is some of those freelancing services available on the internet.

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06.You-tube channel

If you are passionate about making videos, then this is the best way to earn while working somewhere else. Make videos on any category which is trending on the internet and upload them to You-tube. When you have enough amount of subscribers you can monetize your You-tube channel and earn.

07.Online surveys

There are tons of survey companies and they give a chance to people to complete surveys online and earn per survey. But in this, you have to check for new surveys daily and complete many surveys to make some money. 

08.Online trading(Forex, Stocks,crypto)

You can trade Forex and stocks online. There are so many companies allow you to trade online. You can register at a company and start earning simply by buying and selling. But you need a huge knowledge in this, else you can end up losing all your money. (Trading has a high risk) Cryptocurrencies are the newest currency version which is built with the development of technology, using programming languages. Their value is so volatile and you can earn a big amount of money if you can analyze the market well.


First, choose something you are passionate about and try it out as a hobby, and if you feel better and can make a consistent profit then go on, improve yourself, make yourself a millionaire!

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