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Why Adsense is so popular?

Adsense is Google's Ad publisher platform which allows you to monetize your site or Youtube channel. Their ads are fast loading and don't affect the speed of your site as their technology is very advanced. And Adsense is one of the best-paying Ad networks among others. Their CPM rates are so interesting, if you can get enough traffic then Adsense allows you to make hundreds or thousands of dollars per day. The problem is Adsense doesn't give approval to a website or a Youtube channel easily. They check so many factors before approving your site. You have to build your site or channel to comply with these factors.


What to do before applying for Adsense? (Websites)

The first thing you need to do is read their privacy policy from the beginning to the end. Try to understand what they need your site to comply with.  After that apply these steps to your website.

01. write a privacy policy

Your website should have a privacy policy page as this is the main factor Adsense looks for when they visit your site for approval. If you can't write a privacy policy by yourself, there are hundreds of online privacy policy generators. just sign up on one and create your own privacy policy.

02. Make sure to include High-Quality Content

Adsense prefers sites with valuable content. If your site only has some pics and small articles, first go and find a content writer or write yourself some valuable articles with good content. Never copy articles from other sites as this may cause your website to get blacklisted. When uploading images make sure those are copyright free images. You can find copyright free images on google advanced search and some other websites.

03.Include a Contact Us page

Including a contact-us page increases the trust of your website and helps your site viewers to connect with you easily. Without a contact form, you won't be able to get approval from Adsense, because this is one of the main factors they check.

04. Add author and email 

Adding author name and your email address in your website helps Adsense team to verify that you are the owner of the site. never forget to add this.

Apply these steps and write some good posts before applying for Adsense.

What should I do before applying for Adsense? (You-tube channels)


Getting approval for a you-tube channel is easy, but you need 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours. Make sure you haven't included content with copyright issues. 

Hope these few steps will help you to get the approval from Adsense. If you think this article is valuable, please share!