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Cleaning Up A Desktop Computer

When you use your computer day by day, it becomes slower than it was and may occur some errors. This is mainly caused by the dust which is stuck on the cooling fans and other hardware parts. So you should have to clean this by yourself or take the pc to a specialist on this. But when this is an easy task, why wasting money on cleaners, just do it yourself. Here the technoob is gonna guide you on how to clean your computer step by step.

Laptop keyboard

Things you need,

   01. A clean piece of cloth
   02. Isopropyl, alcohol or cologne
   03. Some cotton buds
   04. A blower(if you can find one)
   05. A piece of eraser
   06. A brush

First, we need to remove the power supply and unplug all the cables from the computer. Make sure to remove the UPS(Uninterruptible Power Supply) supply also. Take the CPU and remove the side cover of it using a screw driver. Keep it aside and look into the CPU. You'll understand why your computer ran slow. Remove all the cables coming from power supply to the mother board, VGA, DVD Rom and Hard disk.

Cleaning the fans.

Take the brush and clean the fans on the casing. You can use a small brush to clean the edges. to clean the fans connected to mother board take the piece of cloth and apply some alcohol on it and gently clean the fans. Use the cotton buds with some alocohol to clean the small parts. To clean the fans of the vga repeat the same thing. Never use too much of alcohol or any liquid and don't apply excessive pressure on fans while cleaning them as it may cause errors after connecting the power supply.

Cleaning the hard disk

Remove the screws of the casing and take the hard disk out. Take the cloth and gently clean it. Use the brush to clean the circuit and ports. Don't apply any other liquid on it and keep the hard disk aside.

Cleaning the RAM cards.

Press the RAM slot keys and take the RAM cards out. Use the brush and remove the dust and take the piece of the eraser and rub the connecting pins gently. Don't pressure it too much, else the pins will get damaged. If you feel like you'll damage the pins better to use the cloth to clean the pins also.

Cleaning the VGA

We can't clean the VGA card as if we remove the screws as it may cause heat controlling errors if we could'nt set it up back properly. So it's better to clean only the fans and pins. Use the brush and cloth to do so.

Cleaning the heat sinks.

Cleaning the heat sink is the hardest part. You can use the brush to remove the dust from the heat sink but to do that properly you need a blower. If you can afford a blower for this use it to clean up all the other parts also. It is very easy to remove dust using blower rather than cleaning all the parts using a brush.

Use the brush to clean the mother board and set all the parts back properly. Check twice whether all the parts are connected well or not. Connect the cables from the power supply(PSU) and close the casing using the side cover.

Cleaning the monitor.

Apply some alcohol on the monitor and clean gently using the piece of cloth. Use the blower and clean the inside through the holes on the back side of the monitor.

Cleaning the keyboard and mouse

Use the blower or the brush to clean the keyboard. To clean the mouse take a cotton bud and clean the laser part of the mouse.

Cleaning a Laptop.

Cleaning a laptop is a hard task. All we can do is cleaning the casing of the Laptop using a piece of cloth. We can clean the keyboard using the blower. Remove the battery and clean the pins using the brush.

Keep the computer at least an hour to make sure it is dry and connect all the cables and turn it on. Enjoy the fully refreshed computer.

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