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The perfect website

A perfect website is not only a website but also a money magnet and a good investment. You can earn from a website from showing ads on it and when the value of your website increases you can sell it for a huge amount of dollars. With the development of technology, building a website has become a very easy task. Here Technoob will guide you through building a perfect website. 

website building

Follow these steps to make your website.

01. Find a good keyword

When it comes to building a website, the main thing you should consider is keywords. If it is a technology or tech related keyword, or maybe it is a keyword based on mobile phones or computers, no matter what keyword you use, make sure it has a good volume and it is not much difficult. You have to choose a topic which is already trending in search engines and which will stay trending in future. we suggest you to use Moz tools to find some good keywords. Use google trends to find out best trending topics in Google.

02. Buy a domain

You have to buy a domain according to your keyword before building the site as this domain will be linked to your site. When choosing a domain to make sure to buy a domain which ends with .com, .co, .org or .me extensions.

03.Build website

After buying the domain the next thing is building the website. You can easily build free websites using blogger, Wix, or WordPress. There you need a small knowledge on making an attractive website. Follow up some trending websites and get an idea of how they have built their site. Use some colorful patterns and build it.

04.Host your website

Your site should be hosted on a sever before start using it. Blogger offers you free hosting, but WordPress and Wix websites should be hosted on a server. You can buy hosting from a hosting provider or you can use a free hosting, with limited facilities.

05.Upload content. 

Make sure not to upload copyright protected content as it will cause your site to get blacklisted from Google. Write your own ideas and use images from copyright free sites or you can use google advanced search to find copyright free images.

06.Rank your site

To get daily visitors to your site you need to rank your site on google. This is called SEO.(Search Engine Optimization) SEO is the main factor to get daily traffic to your site. You can do it yourself or hire a professional to do this for you.


Monetizing your site allows you to generate a passive income by showing ads on your site. For this you need consistent traffic and valuable content.

Good Luck!

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