PUBG owners sue Epic Games' Fortnite for copyright

pubg player unknown battlegrounds
PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds rose to fame last year when it was released by PUBG corporation. The game was so popular that it surpassed Steam's most popular game, DotA. It managed to gain millions of players even in its early access stage which was full of bugs and crashes. Not long ago since then its arch-rival Fortnite came into spotlight.

fortine battle royale
Unlike PUBG, Fortnite is free to play which attracted even more players and its unique theme managed to possibly even steal players from PUBG. Due to this fact and the growing similarities between the two games, PUBG corp has filed a lawsuit against Fortnite to protect its copyright laws. According to The Korean Time reports, PUBG corp is alleging copyright infringement against Epic games to determine if Fortnite has copied PUBG.

 Although Fortnite has its own unique features, both games still share Unreal Engine 4 which was created and licensed by none other than Epic Games. Both games also have successfully transitioned from PC to mobile which has rallied up the mobile gamers to play their favourite of either game on the go!

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