How To Root Your Android Device

What is rooting?

Rooting can be simply explained as accessing hidden features of a phone.  This wasn't an easy task for the people who had not a good knowledge of the Android system.  But today with the development of the technology, Android device rooting has become an easy task. even a child can do this using a simple app.

Root Android mobile

Is it okay to root my android device?

Well it is upto you. The good thing is rooting allows you to access your phones fullest potential.

 you can upgrade its RAM using its ROM.  And you can manually control many features of android. Main thing is you can install so many usefull softwares which doesnt compatible with unrooted devices.

The bad thing is rooting your mobile device breaks the bond between you and your mobile phones company and the

other thing is it makes your device vulnerable to viruses and other malwares.

How to Root?

As I said rooting is simple now. You can either use a computer to root your device or you can do it with a simple app called kingoroot. 

you can download the app from their site

Rooting with Computer

If you feel like you are a genius and this is too much easy. Then you can do this in a professional level.

Download the kingoroot windows software for computers. Run the software.exe file and install it. 

  1.  Install the software
  2. Run the software and Plug your android device
  3. Wait for the software to download and install your device drivers
  4. Then click on the root button to start rooting process.
  5. Software will Automatically Root your phone and install SuperUser

Now enjoy your fully rooted device!