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Most of the Mobile phone companies use lithium-ion batteries as the batteries of their phones.  Using these batteries for years cause them to physically expand. this process is not reversible and the batteries lose their charge capacity and voltage as the number of charges and discharge cycles increases. When the technology improves, power usage increases automatically.

We know it gives you all a little stress.  So stop blaming your battery and start doing these few steps to save your battery life.

01)The first thing you can do to save your battery life is by Controlling battery discharge.

You might be thinking how to control the discharge. Well, It's a very easy step. Install some free software available on play store or apple store which shows the battery usage of installed apps. I suggest you to use DU battery saver as it's simple and useful.
Using the app, check which software use the battery most and if you find any unnecessary app drinking your battery power, uninstall it. If the app is important, go to settings and force stop it. Sadly iPhone users don't have this feature and what they can do is Double-clicking the Home button to bring up the fast app switcher and remove the running recent apps.

02)The second thing is trying to reduce screen brightness 

you won't believe that your mobile's display is the thing which sucks more battery life than all other hardware. So reducing screen brightness will help you to long last your battery power. Switching on automatic brightness also sucks a bit power cause the sensors absorb some power. I suggest you guys do it yourself.

03)Keep your battery temperature right

Using your mobile phone for hours heats up your battery like a hotplate. So when you are using your phone for hours, just give it a break. keep it somewhere open and remove the phone cover if it is possible. Avoid keeping your phone on the dashboard while driving. Don't keep your phone on hot surfaces. And these steps will help you to a great battery life.

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04) Use power saving modes.

If your phone has a power saving mode(it should)  keep it turned on always if possible. that will reduce brightness and your phone's performance, but in return, it will help you to increase battery life for at least one hour.

  • The other things you can do, 

  1. Reduce talk time
  2. Always use WIFI instead of mobile networks as possible
  3. Don't recharge your phone if the battery level isn't below 30%
  4. Stop using unnecessary sensors (iris sensor, screen rotation, face unlock)

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